New smartTOUCH features

New smartTouch Features

  • July 16, 2018

New smartTouch Features

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Embed’s New smartTouch Features

Embed’s smartTouch debit card readers are the benchmark in the Family Entertainment Industry when it comes to cashless payments for amusement games.  If you’re already operating smartTouch swipe or tap card readers you can start taking advantage of these immediately!

Check Balance

All of your smartTouch readers double as a check balance station!

With the new Check Balance feature, your guests can now check their card balance on any SmartTouch reader, at any time during their visit.

This new tool gives your customers an easy way to check their remaining balance on-the-go. They no longer need to seek out a check balance station or tie up your kiosks.

The check Balance feature displays play value and E-Ticket balance along with up to 4 fields that can be customized (such as card status, reward points or a greeting message including your guests’ names).

Just by tapping the screen on any smartTouch reader, the reader will enter check balance mode. Next, simply present (Insert/Tap) a card to check play value, E-Tickets balance and any other customised display settings.

You can configure this mode by reader, meaning that your more popular games can have this option disable. 

Watch the tutorial video we have available on INSIGHT to learn how to easily set it up on your Embed system. If you have any questions, or need some advice, please contact our support team.


Rapid E-Ticket Payout

Award tickets twice as fast!

The Rapid E-Ticket Payout reduces guest waiting time at your redemption games, decreasing time between plays by awarding tickets twice as fast as a paper ticket dispenser.

This feature will help increase revenue and guest satisfaction when waiting time between plays is cut in half.

As a standard, Embed enables this feature for you, though it is customizable on each smartTouch reader.

The Rapid E-Ticket Payout means shorter wait times, more fun for your guests which translates to more players for your redemption games.

If you have questions, or need some help setting it up, please contact our support team.


Reader Offline Reasons

As a FEC operator you are constantly investing in your games, and you want to make sure they don’t miss a chance to earn you revenue. This means that you want to know when and why a game is taken offline, and make sure that it is done in a responsible manner.

With the new Reader Offline Reasons feature, your staff can now place a game offline and easily assign the reason directly on the smartTouch reader without having to go through another application.

You can configure a preset selection of reasons, and the staff member will select one of the options displayed on the reader’s screen before placing the game offline, giving you greater visibility over your venue’s operations.

Watch this tutorial video we have available on INSIGHT to learn how to easily set it up! If you have any questions, or need some advice, please contact our support team.


Mercy Tickets

Your guests come to enjoy, play and win – So don’t let anyone walk away empty handed!

The Mercy Tickets feature allows you to reward your guests just for playing your games, ensuring they have a positive experience every time.

This new smartTouch feature can be enabled on any game regardless of the game category, whether that be redemption, video, merchandiser or anything you have configured. When guests choose to play a game that has Mercy Tickets enabled, they will be awarded tickets each time the game is played.

Mercy Tickets is especially useful for kiddie rides and games, to keep your youngest guests entertained, happy, and able to bring a prize home with them! It’s also great to make your video games even more enticing to your customers.

Watch the tutorial video we have available on INSIGHT to learn how to easily set it up on your Embed system. If you have any questions, or need some advice, please contact our support team.


E-Tickets to Play Games

Your guests can now use their E-tickets as a form of payment on designated games in your entertainment center!

This new smartTouch feature allows you to accept E-Tickets to credit a game in place of the normal Play Value.

E-Tickets to Play Games can be used in any location, but it is especially useful for venues where a full redemption counter or a self-contained prize center is not practical or cost-effective.

Set this feature up on your Win Every Time games, like your claw machine that gives out candy each time it’s played. These games essentially become another way to offer self-redemption in form of a game!


3-Tiered Celebration

Add more excitement to your payouts as winners reach higher ticket levels!

There are now 2 additional celebration animations display as higher ticket payouts are awarded to your guests. The ticket celebration tiers can be customized for each reader to accommodate individual game payout levels. These levels can be set on the reader by logging in with a Staff Card. Set celebration ticket levels per tier with easy touch screen controls. You can choose to use 1, 2 or all 3 tiers so it’s extremely flexible for the best guest experience.

Watch this tutorial video on INSIGHT to learn how to set it up!


Time Play Celebration Only

When using an All You Can Play package that does not award E-tickets, your guests can be shown a customizable celebration message in place of the ticket celebration.

With this tool you can feel safe to include any (or all) of your redemption games in your time play packages without worrying about your overall payout!

Let your guests know with a fun, short message that they are on a time play package and they’ll be eligible to win tickets again after this package has ended. This will open up additional games to your time play and help alleviate guest confusion.

Use this feature as an upsell at your next party to add value to your events with Time Play for redemption games. Increase the price per head and the perceived value by offering a redemption game upgrade for your birthday groups. Guests can enjoy unlimited ticket games without emptying out your redemption counter. Redemption tickets won during game play can be held back instead of being awarded to the guest account. Or, if you want your guests to be able to take home a souvenir, choose to award a set number of tickets to each card account as part of the party or group product.

Watch the tutorial videos we have available on INSIGHT to learn how to easily set up our new smartTouch features in your Embed system. Login or create your own FREE account here. If you have questions, or need some help setting them up, please contact our support team.