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Pushing the Boundaries with Innovation

At Embed, we’re continually developing innovative products that reduce overhead, grow your profits and make it easier to run your business.

From our award-winning debit card readers that are designed to engage your guests, to our industry leading redemption and inventory management software called PRIZESTM, Embed’s products are designed to manage every aspect of your operation.

Debit Card Readers

Since our invention of the Color-GloTM, debit card readers have become the popular and convenient method for modern game play on video, token and redemption games. Owners and operators benefit from the marketing and pricing opportunities, reduction in operating costs and improved cash control.

Employing a similar architecture to modern smart phones, smartTouchTM is Embed’s next-generation of interactive debit card readers. Operators report improved guest satisfaction and more return visits after installing smartTouchTM, winner of the IAAPA Brass Ring Award for “Best New Product” in 2015.

smartTOUCH cashless reader - Embed customer Round 1
smartTouchTM Swipe

The obvious evolution for our classic debit card reader. It provides guests with the familiar experience but packs all the same great features as the rest of our smartTouchTM lineup. It’s a sure fire home run!

smartTOUCH swipe by EMBED cashless debit card reader
smartTouchTM Tap

Our dedicated Playwave® contactless reader allows guests of any age or ability easy access to games and attractions. Tap your card or wristband for instant access to fun, every time.

smartTOUCH Tap cashless debit card reader by Embed
smartTOUCH Tap cashless debit card reader - Sonny's Place

See smartTouchTM in Action

All smartTouchTM readers have more than a dozen new features, including toughened glass touch screens and dual speaker audio, complimented by a great range of accessories for mounting and security. Come see us at an upcoming tradeshow or request a callback so one of our team members can tell you more!

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Total Redemption Management

The redemption center is often the last place your guests experience before they leave, so you want their visit to end on a positive note.

PRIZESTM is a complete redemption management system that simplifies work for your team, giving them the freedom to focus on the guest. Quality of service increases while dramatically reducing average serving time in your prize counter or store format.

We’ve replaced out-of-date prize books with robust portable scanners that read the existing on-product barcodes, so your staff are free to roam with the guest or serve another.

prizes station
EMONE point of sale and card system

The industry leading, low cost debit card upgrade for your semi or unattended game room. It’s a self contained, self install system that has a history of dramatically increasing revenues. Guests use the kiosk touchscreen that’s optimized with attractive “value deals” and suggestive upselling to increase average guest spend rates.

Let us show you how you can take advantage of a fully functional card system for the game room attached to your resort, bowling alley, movie theatre, family restaurant and more.

*To best serve our customers and differing market requirements we have several different models and styles of Kiosks, please contact our sales team to see what is available in your region

Introducing TOOLKITTM

Powering our award-winning card system for games, TOOLKIT is a set of resources designed to reduce costs and increase revenues by effectively managing operations and helping your business provide great guest experiences.

Take advantage of our upsell package deal features that encourage higher guest spending.

Simplify work at your redemption counter and give your staff the freedom to focus on the guest.

Get automated reports from one or multiple sites to help guide your important business decisions.

BOOKINGS for FEC parties and events by Embed

A hassle free e-commerce module that allows your guests to book parties online, 24/7.

Simply manage all the back of house functions and configurations for your TOOLKIT suite.

Sylvia Lintner talks about Embed

“Embed really listens to the operators’ day to day experience and works diligently to make improvements that benefit employees, enhance the customers’ experience and increase revenue. Their unattended kiosk is impressive, allowing us to sell game credit, attractions and packages, in addition to effectively advertising featured deals. Embed’s reporting offers a significant advantage for an operator with multiple locations as it provides a convenient way to track sales and game performance in one place. Overall I am very happy to be partnered with Embed and look forward to continue helping them with future card system advancements.”

Silvia Lintner, Director of Revenue Management Services – Family Entertainment Group

Be more profitable with embed

Labor savings, reduced shrinkage, greater guest satisfaction, increased average guest spend and higher guest frequency.

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