Playwave® Contactless

A Premium Guest Experience With Playwave®

Embed has always let the guest experience drive our technology, and this is especially true with our smartTouch debit card readers. Each model in our lineup supports Playwave Contactless and provides the premium experience guests are looking for in an FEC.

Playwave opens up a brand new sales channel for operators

One of the most exciting things about adding Playwave to your venue is the fact that it adds a brand new sales channel to your operations without affecting your existing offering. Playwave provides a higher perceived value over traditional magnetic card operations, which gives you the ability to easily upsell contactless media alongside  your existing packages.

smartTouch Tap
Playwave Hybrid & Dedicated Contactless cards

Embed offers a great range of Playwave media options

Embed has a great range of customizable single and multi-use wristbands that can be sold exclusively, complementary to your cards, or as an upsell with your parties and corporate events. Embed’s flexible range of media options helps you drive sales in many new ways!

An easy transition to Playwave Contactless

One question we often hear is “What about my other sites with the older mag card readers?” We’ve got you covered. Our unique hybrid cards offer our Playwave contactless and magnetic strip in one card, allowing guests to seamlessly roam between all your locations.

Playwave® Media at a Glance

playwave wristbands

*Silicone wristbands and watches are reusable, available in multiple colors and can be customized with logo. Tyvek bands (pictured bottom) are good for single visit use.

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Embed News

Gamestate The Hague installs Embed

840 560 Embed

Gamestate has installed Embed at their newest location, The Hague. This is the fourth venue to install Embed, taking the total to 4 locations throughout the Netherlands.


Cyber Quest to Install Embed in six Stations Casinos in Las Vegas

1024 683 Embed

Cyber Quest is at the forefront of FEC innovation with the announcement that they are installing Embed in six Stations Casinos in Las Vegas.


Embed Introduces Online Reservation System: BOOKINGS

1024 768 Embed

Furthering its commitment to enhancing the customer experience, Embed has introduced a new cloud-based reservation system called BOOKINGS.

Upcoming Tradeshows

BPAA Bowling Summit

150 150 Embed

New Orleans, LA, USA January 13 – 17, 2019

EAG International – Booth #620

150 150 Embed

London, England January 15-17, 2019

IAAPA FEC Summit 2019

150 150 Embed

Austin, TX, USA January 27 – 29, 2019

ATRAX Expo 2019

150 150 Embed

Istanbul, Turkey February 14-16, 2019

BPAC/GA Convention

150 150 Embed

Cherokee, NC, USA February 27-28, 2019


150 150 Embed

Colorado Springs, CO, USA March 05-07, 2019

DEAL 2019 – Booth #7-M27

150 150 Embed

Dubai, UAE March 25-27, 2019

Amusement Expo International – Booth #605

150 150 Embed

Las Vegas, NV, USA March 26-28, 2019

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Labor savings, reduced shrinkage, greater guest satisfaction, increased average guest spend and higher guest frequency.

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