Your business, your system.

Stay ahead of the game with TOOLKIT, your stepping stone to greater features!

TOOLKIT drives revenue and business efficiency with its intuitive sales tools, inventory and asset management, and ecommerce solutions. Remote access gives you greater control with the option of accessing your business information at any time, from any device.

Modernize your FEC with TOOLKIT

Stay ahead of the market. Access new features and enhancements when they are released, such as BOOKINGS, our new online party reservation module. Stay ahead of your competitors and fulfill your customer’s needs by being the first to roll out new features.

Faster transactions. Our Point of Sale has a new look, with simplified navigation, unmatched sales packaging, upsell flexibility, new food modifier options, upgraded TAB functionality and much more.

Access all the smartTouch features. Upgrading to TOOLKIT unlocks all the great new smartTouch features such as Mercy Tickets, 3-Tier Ticket Celebration, e-Tickets to Play Games and more!

On-demand learning. Learn about new system features and how to work with them through our INSIGHT learning portal.

So much more! Take advantage of comprehensive business reports, system support and many other great software tools included with TOOLKIT.

How do you know if you are ready to upgrade?

The process is simple.

System Assessment
We schedule a one-on-one call with you to go over the details and provide an upgrade assessment. This assessment will review any hardware and/or software requirements that your location may need in order to migrate to TOOLKIT. Once this assessment is complete, our team will advise of a migration plan and relevant timeframe.

Execution of the plan!
TOOLKIT is installed and your location is now up-to-date with access to the latest features to help your business stay ahead of the market.

Modernize your FEC with TOOLKIT by Embed
Be more profitable with embed

Labor savings, reduced shrinkage, greater guest satisfaction, increased average guest spend and higher guest frequency.

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