Growing Group Sales for FECs

5 Tips to Grow Group Sales

  • August 2, 2018

5 Tips to Grow Group Sales

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5 Tips for FECs to Increase Group Sales & Party Bookings

We would all like to grow our group sales and see them become 20% of our center sales. But sometimes, we don’t even know where to start. Sales can feel very overwhelming, but they don’t have to be. This week we asked Rosie Salas, Director of Marketing for TrainerTainment, to put together her top tips for growing group sales.

#1 – Have a Sales Champion

There is nothing more important to growing group sales than a dedicated sales champion. A sales champion inspires the whole center to be the best to keep guests coming back time and time again for events. Imagine calling your food purveyor to inquire about a new product. How would you feel getting someone on the phone who doesn’t know what they are selling and couldn’t answer your questions? Even worse, what if no one ever answered the phone? As a parent, when I call to book events for my kids, I am looking for a few things.

1 – They have to answer the phone. I don’t have time in my day to play phone tag by leaving messages and waiting for a callback. If I’m calling at that time, that is the time I have available to talk. So, if they don’t answer, I’m moving on.

2 – The representative needs to be clear and know the product. If they aren’t knowledgeable, I lose the trust that they will make my event great.

The sales champion may be one of the most important roles in the center. How do you make sure they are staying on track and increasing sales? They have to be involved with the goals, and that leads us to tip number 2.

#2 – Get a Scorecard with KPI’s in Place

KPIs are Key Performance Indicators. It is your goal broken down into mini weekly goals. KPIs are what keep us on track toward achieving our objectives. A scorecard is a place where we put those goals and track them each week.

When I was a party manager, I didn’t know what a scorecard was, but I did know if I wanted to hit a million dollars in a year, I would have to break that goal down into weekly goals. I created a spreadsheet and made sure everyone in the center knew the goals and where we were each week. When you can look at it weekly, you can see when you are off track and get ahead before it’s too late.

#3 – Outbound Efforts

Are you waiting for calls to come to you? Don’t! There will always be clients who call the center to book events because they are already guests and know how great you are. Reach out to new businesses and expand your network! Plan each day with a power hour to kick-start your day. Nothing is more important than to plant the seeds and watch the harvest come in. If we allow sales to come merely through inbound efforts, it will be too late to recover when the phones go silent.

#4 – Call everyone

What do arcade games, laser tag, or bowling have to do with a dentist office or mechanic’s business? EVERYTHING! It doesn’t matter what industry people work in, everyone has holiday parties. Even more have team building events, summer picnics, team appreciation, and more. If they don’t, why not put the thought in their head? Stay away from the temptation of thinking a certain business would never use your facility for their small, medium, or large events because you may just be surprised.

#5 – Get out in the center and talk to guests

Our sales teams shouldn’t stay in an office all day. A great way to get a break and be productive is to get out of the office, into the center, and talk to guests who are already there.

Summers are a great time to be out in the center, too. Look for parents on laptops, for example. They may be working from home, and you could talk with them about what kind of events their company has and even get contact information for the person who plans the events. The point is, you will get loads of feedback about why they love your center, what keeps them coming back, and maybe even a recommendation to a friend or business.

I hope these tips will help you. As always, we would love to hear from you and what you are doing to grow your sales.


About TrainerTainment

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Rosie Salas

Many thanks to Rosie Salas, Director of Marketing at TrainerTainment for contributing to this article and sharing her insights and industry best practices for FECs to increase group sales and parties.

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