Should You Move to E-Tickets?

Should You Move to E-Tickets?

  • July 2, 2018

Should You Move to E-Tickets?

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Paper Tickets vs. Electronic Tickets

The debate over the use of paper tickets versus electronic tickets continues amongst family entertainment center operators. Over the last few years Embed users across the globe have embraced the use of  E-Tickets with great success. While the appeal of electronic tickets might seem obvious, it is important to understand all sides of the debate so you can make an informed decision on what’s best for your business.

Electronic Tickets FEC


Paper Tickets

This mode of operation refers to physical paper tickets being dispensed from a redemption game when the player has won. Advocates of this method feel the ability to see and touch the paper tickets adds to the excitement and fanfare of game play, not only for the guest who just won tickets, but also for spectators who witness guests walking around clutching a handful of tickets.


This mode of operation refers to the tickets won from redemption games being electronically captured by the Embed System and awarded directly to the guest’s card account. New locations that start operating this way from the start have an advantage in not switching the way regular guests are accustomed to winning tickets. Guests can be educated on the advantages of ticketless operation right from the start.

Dual Ticket

This mode of operation allows guests to choose whether they would like to get paper tickets or electronic tickets when they win. The location can set either method as the default, and guests have the ability to set and change their preference at any time from an Embed Self Service Kiosk or by asking a staff member to do so at an Embed Point of Sale Workstation. Locations can track how many tickets are paid out via ticketless mode versus paper mode and, based on results, can decide if going fully ticketless is a sound decision.  Generally speaking, locations will eventually settle on either paper or e-tickets, but Embed’s dual ticket support has the distinct advantage of allowing locations to transition from paper tickets to electronic tickets and use up the existing stock of paper tickets that already been paid for.



#1 – Reduced Costs

With electronic tickets, there is no more need to buy paper tickets or ticket eaters to count them. Labor costs are lower because you don’t need attendants to reload tickets or clear ticket jams, plus games won’t be out of service waiting for ticket-related servicing.

#2 – Greater Convenience for Your Guests

Guests see their E-tickets won in real time on the reader display, and the many of the newest readers have special light and sound effect celebrations to enhance the guest’s winning experience. With no ticket bundles to keep track of, e-tickets are not only more convenient for guests but also offer players peace of mind and security. With their registered account the ticket winnings will never be lost should they misplace their card. Furthermore, the use of electronic tickets also eliminates guest frustration due to ticket jams and games running out of tickets.

#3 – Keeping up with Technology

Most people use technology in every almost aspect of their lives and get more familiar with digital interfaces in everyday life. The use of electronic tickets sets an important tone with your guests, showing them that your business is modern and progressive.  The younger crowd especially loves having a play card of their own, which builds loyalty with your customers.

#4 – Waste Reduction

Guests appreciate the eco-friendly option of e-tickets, with no paper waste going into landfills and no tickets littering the facility. Your staff will also appreciate not having to clean up and dispose of tickets and the dust they leave behind.

#5 – Increased Game Utilization

Electronic tickets allow quick game turnaround. Players don’t like to wait, and e-tickets are a faster option than waiting for paper tickets to dispense—particularly after a large jackpot. E-tickets can speed up payouts -and game turnaround- up to 10 times!



The ability to successfully operate a game room in a ticketless manner depends largely on your ability to communicate the electronic ticket concept to your guests. It’s essential that it is actively and positively promoted in your location, and online though your Website and social media. Create a fun ‘Go-Green’ or ‘Swipe, Play, Walk Away’ marketing campaign promoting the convenience and benefits of going paperless. Find a catch phrase you like and use it to market your campaign. Have team members wear buttons that promote the message and attach graphics reinforcing e-tickets to the ticket door of games, Kiosks and POS stations. These are just some examples of actions you can take to drive the ticketless concept.


Not sure if you’re ready for e-tickets? Choose a card system that supports both paper and electronic tickets, and give your guests the choice, or talk to a member of our sales team and find out which approach is right for your business!