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The 15 Stages of Attending IAAPA

  • November 9, 2018

The 15 Stages of Attending IAAPA

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The 15 Stages of Attending IAAPA


It’s that time again! The bags are packed, the flights are booked, and it’s time for IAAPA.
For those of you who are new to the show (and for seasoned veterans who can relate), we thought we’d share with you the 15 Stages of Attending IAAPA so you’ll be fully prepared for the show. Enjoy!

Stage 1: Wait… Is it that time of year again?


Stage 2: When someone asks me to do something the week before IAAPA.


Stage 3: Booking flights, booking hotels and paying invoices.


Stage 4: Arriving and setting up the booth and trying to make it pretty.


Stage 5: Dealing with a rush at your booth.


Stage 6: Trying to remember what every person had said and if you need to follow up with them.


Stage 7: Haven’t left your booth for hours and trying to find food.



Stage 8: Attending function after function after function.


Stage 9: And arriving at a function, still starving…


Stage 10: After talking with the 1456th person in one day, asking yourself “Have I already said that, and did I just have an out of body experience?”


Stage 11: Realizing that you are meant to be meeting someone on the other side of the exhibit hall in 2 minutes.


Stage 12: It’s the final function and you are trying your best to be involved, but you are exhausted.


Stage 13: …But you soon find your second wind.


Stage 14: Dragging yourself to the airport to fly home the next day.


Stage 15: Getting home and telling yourself that there are only 358 days until we do it all again!


See you in Orlando!


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