Frankie’s Fun Parks Go Ticketless with Embed

  • April 18, 2013
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Dallas, TX, April 2013 – Embed, a leading provider of Debit Card and Point of Sale Systems for the amusement and family entertainment industry, announces the recent transition from paper tickets to electronic tickets via the Embed system at all four Frankie’s Fun Parks locations across North and South Carolina. Frankie’s cites extensive cost savings, an improved customer experience, increased revenues, and the green benefits realized from reducing paper waste as benefits of the switch.

Doug Godley, owner of Frankie’s Fun Parks, said, “The conversion to the Ticketless System has been one of the best decisions that we have made in the twenty-three year history of Frankie’s. Our Customers are having a better experience and are spending more money. The Arcades are much more pleasant places to work for our Managers and Arcade Attendants without all the calls for tickets being out or jammed as well as the customers complaining that they were shorted on tickets. Our labor costs are much lower because we need about half the Arcade Attendants that we needed before the conversion. The annual cost of 150 million tickets is also eliminated. Another unforeseen benefit is that our Arcades are much cleaner without all the ticket scraps and dust generated from shredding the tickets.”

“We are extremely pleased that Frankie’s switch to e-tickets has been so beneficial for their operation,” commented Merrik Keller, Sales Manager for Embed USA. “Frankie’s is a first-class operation, and a prime example of the continuing benefits that the Embed System can provide.” For more information on Frankie’s Fun Parks, visit them on the web at